Officer Meeting 20/03/2016

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Officer Meeting Minutes

Attendance: R4ND0MN355, Badger0, HansStahlfaust, LightBrigade

Week in Review

  • Hans' Tuesday Tight Squads are getting increasingly popular. He said from the beginning that he doesn't like leading platoons, but if there's regular a full squad of people, that would be a good goal.
  • Randomness still comes around Planetside 2 but due to real life situations, he's unable to lead much. The Sentinels have been picking up the slack!
  • PnP games are on-going, though new players would generally be welcome.

The 418 Goal of 2016

It was suggested that we set an overarching goal or strategy for 418 in the coming year. It was kept very broad, but the idea is to continue the same principles as 2015 - focus on maintaining an active and ideally growing playerbase across various games. To that end, every member is encouraged to invite people to join on TS and the website, irregardless of game.


  • Mister Blue has been working on the website-TeamSpeak integration. Once finished and implemented, users have to sign in on the website (or sign up), and their TS account will be linked. The point of it is that it will make user management considerably easier and the more information stored on the website, the better. A lot of finer details will be sorted out at a later date.
    • Visitors should still be able to join without signing up on the website, but their access may be restricted in some cases. Again, it will be discussed and finalised at a later date.